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45 Best Nails Decorated with Nail Stickers 2019

If you are part of the group of women who love to have their nails always beautiful, but do not take the slightest bit with the pin, nail stickers may be the ideal solution. Unlike decals, which are just for decorating, the stickers fill in addition to the nail polish. In addition to the fashionable colors, nail stickers can also be found in decorated, floral print, animal print, polka dot, glitter, rhinestone applications, French style, Metallic tones. They are practical, easy to apply, do not blur and do not blur the cuticles. Another advantage of nail polishers is that they do not need time to dry, as with enamels. Just glue and ready, nothing to stand still for several minutes, worried to not bump into anything to not flake or knead the enamel.

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