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45+ New and Fresh Designs To Enhance Your Almond Nails

The nail salon is a difficult place for inaccuracies. First, you spend ten minutes in front of a bright rainbow wall, then finally walk towards a chair with a navy blue bottle and the other with a powdery pink. Then the manor asks the million dollar question: “Square or rounded?” Uhhh.
Do not waste this special energy during your next manicure for this special discussion. According to Pinterest, you shouldn’t be asking for the sharp edges of the square or the nails in half. Nail shape that is huge right now. 97% of Pinterest searches are almonds. For these foreigners, it’s more like an almond nail

exaggerated fluctuations of the ovoid tip. It has a long base with a clear, rounded tip. What kind of, well, almonds.
The key to getting in shape is how the nail file is treated, according to famous actress Essika Vashinki. “Start with the nail and file to the center,” says Washinick. “When you reach the free edge, the tip that extends beyond the finger, begins to tighten the shape of the nail to a certain point.”

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